Create Materials By Textures Automatically

by Blender.Fun in Addons

Update v7:

- new behaviour for searching:

In former version the file was searched for "-" + searchString + ".", so that the add-on could only find files where the search string existed before a colon.

This changed in v7 so that it searches the search string "anywhere".

Please be aware, that the add-on has to interpret the name of the material from the filenames (because all image files can be in one folder). It works in that way, that the add-on deletes the search string and takes the rest as identifier for the material.

e.g. bad naming:

If you have two files like this:



If you define "normal" as search string for normal, the add-on will create two materials:

Concrete0194KDX and Concrete0194KGL because it just deletes the normal and the rest will be interpreted as material name.

So please consider this when using the add-on.

- corrected a mistake with displacement

- opacity added (alpha)

Update v5:

You can now choose whether you want to have fake user checked or not:

Update v3:

You can now choose which texture coordinate should be take for your material:


With this add-on you can easily create a lot of materials just by image files.

All you have to do is ...

1) choose a directory for your image files/textures

2) Provide keywords for your properties (e.g. color_attr for color or displacement for displacement and so on)

3) just click on "Create materials"

Video explanation:

Update for v3:You can now choose the output of the texture coordinate for the generated materials.As you can see, you can now choose which texture coordinate should be take for your materials.

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