Create A Photorealistic Adidas Shoe

by Pitiwazou in Training

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  • Oksana
    about 1 year ago

    The author is a good professional in 3d modeling and texturing but has not enough expirience of explanation, but has thick accent. The videos have no captions, annoying sounds like „ta-ta-ta” or „boom-boom-boom” to fill pauses all the time, often „etc., etc.” or „easy-peasy” instead of explanation. Mostly the main idea is „repeat after me” instead of explanation why it should be done in this way. A lot of time is just repeating the same simple operation and you do not know where is the next important moment to switch to it without missing something important. All what I described are not reasons for refunding your money as I was told so think twice before buying this product

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Published about 1 year ago
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