Craft Your Favorite Materials | Pbr Clay Rock Creation Procedurally In Substance 3D Designer

by Hemase in Training


Whether you work in architecture, game development, or animation production, mastering the art of rendering with PBR materials is crucial for achieving realistic results. In this comprehensive tutorial, you will learn how to create a high-detail, 100% procedural clay rock PBR material from scratch using Substance Designer.

Scanned materials that perfectly fit your project’s requirements can be hard to come by. By mastering the process of creating your own PBR materials, you can take control of your designs and skip the waiting.

Throughout this tutorial, you will be guided through the entire process of crafting a clay rock PBR material, empowering you to tailor it to your specific needs. The provided SBS files are lightweight and versatile, enabling you to generate outputs in various sizes and formats, with the added flexibility of tweaking the results as desired.

Key Features of the Tutorial

  • A 165-minute narrated video in English, accompanied by AI-generated narration and English captions, ensures comprehensive accessibility.
  • The tutorial includes a training SBS file and a reference file to complement the learning experience.

Who should attend?

This tutorial is designed for individuals with a basic understanding of Substance Designer and PBR materials. Participants should have a working knowledge of Substance Designer 11.3 or above to access the SBS file and follow along effectively.

Why Substance 3D Designer?

When creating PBR (Physically Based Rendering) materials, Substance 3D Designer offers several advantages over Blender software:

    1. Specialized Focus: Substance 3D Designer is specifically designed for material creation, offering a dedicated environment tailored for creating PBR materials. This specialized focus allows for a streamlined and efficient workflow.

    2. Extensive Material Library: Substance 3D Designer provides an extensive built-in material library with a wide range of pre-built nodes and presets designed for PBR material creation. This library empowers users to create a diverse array of realistic materials without starting from scratch.

    3. Node-Based Procedural Workflow: Substance 3D Designer’s node-based procedural texturing workflow enables users to create complex PBR materials by connecting nodes to define material characteristics and appearance. This approach offers a high degree of control and adaptability in material creation.

    4. Non-Destructive Editing: Substance 3D Designer allows for non-destructive editing of PBR materials, meaning that changes can be made at any point in the material creation process without affecting the original material, allowing for experimentation and iteration.

    5. Real-Time Visualization: Substance 3D Designer provides real-time visualization of PBR materials, allowing users to see the material’s appearance as they make adjustments, leading to a more intuitive and responsive creation process.

    6. Parametric Materials: Substance 3D Designer enables the creation of parametric materials, allowing for dynamic adjustments of material properties and characteristics, resulting in versatile and adaptable materials.

In contrast, while Blender also has robust capabilities for creating PBR materials, its primary focus is on 3D modeling and animation, with material creation being one aspect of its broader feature set. Blender's material editor may not offer the same specialized and extensive library of material nodes and presets specifically tailored for PBR material creation as found in Substance 3D Designer.

Your feedback is essential

Your input is valuable in shaping the future of my tutorials. Please share your thoughts to help me enhance the learning experience for future courses.

I hope you find this tutorial insightful and enjoyable. Thank you for considering this opportunity to elevate your skills in rendering and PBR material creation.

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Published about 2 months ago
Blender Version 4.0, 3.6, 3.5, 3.4, 3.3, 3.2, 3.1, 3.0, 2.93, 2.92, 2.91, 2.9
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