Converse Shoe Full

by Arul Selvan in Models


Converse Shoe Model. All images above are rendered with Blender 2.8 Cycles. Open the blend file and hit the render. You can get the same render shown in the previews.

You can get -

1. Converse Shoe blend

2. Textures

3. Texture Photoshop file ( you can change the Shoe color, Logo Color, etc.,)

4. Stitch Illustrator file (( you can change the Stitch Color)

5. Pattern images ( All pattern images used in the Shoe Model. )


Principle  BSDF (PBR) material is used in the model.

Textures included:

Converse Diffuse - 8192 X 8192 px

Converse Normal - 8192 X 8192 px

Formats included :



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