Conform Object

by Mark Kingsnorth in Addons

What is Conform Object?

For any 3D modeler that needs to project smaller objects onto a larger object surface in one direction. *

The add-on handles the complexity of doing this for you in a non-destructive way, using the source object's location and orientation to project it onto the target object's surface.

* Consider Flowify or Mesh Materializer for wrapping larger complex objects.  Email me if you have any questions.


  • Simple right-click menu option performs the operation in one go.
  • Graduate the effect from the bottom to the top of the object.
  • Choose from Grid Mode or Shrinkwrap Mode.
  • Transfer surface normals to blend object shading.
  • Use a deformation lattice to stretch an object around the surface of another.
  • Underlying mesh is not affected.
  • Undo and apply options handle the underlying complexity of adding and removing modifers.
  • Conform multiple objects at once.
  • Presets system to save your preferred settings.

Please note...

  • Conform Object assumes knowledge of how an object's location and orientation works in Blender and will only be as good as an object’s mesh topology: The mesh needs enough vertices and faces for it to deform well.
  • Check out the FAQ or contact if you have any questions.

Using the advanced Lattice Deformation feature to wrap an object around another.

Here the Gradient Effect is used to affect the lower parts of the object, and leave the upper part unaffected.


If you have any questions or issues do not hesitate to get in touch by clicking the 'Ask a Question' button on this page or by emailing


Documentation is at

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