Completely Procedural Earth

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A Completely Procedural Earth shader, created with Blender's Procedural nodes.

Details And Features:

This shader is very detailed, consisting of green and brown textures for the land, and yellow and orange textures for deserts. It also has small mountain ranges, and you can even see city lights in the night side of the Earth. The ocean becomes a lighter blue when nearing the beaches, for more realism. There are also two types of clouds on the shader. You may not be able to see it in all of the product images, but the planet also comes with a north and south pole, at the top and bottom of the Earth. And covering the entire planet is a blue atmosphere shader. The stars background is also completely Procedural.

Animating the Earth:

The sun light in the scene is rigged, so that when you move the sun light, it always points at the Earth for easy posing and animation. The city lights also adapt to the sunlight, so that you can only see the city lights in the night side of the Earth. If you'd like to animate the Earth spinning, you can just select the planet and rotate it however you'd like. The clouds can also be animated, by adding a mapping node behind the cloud noise textures, and animating the location, rotation, and scale values.

Render Engine:

The shader is created for the Cycles render engine, but also works in Eevee. Cycles is recommended though, because Eevee becomes laggy when trying to display the complex shader in real time

Watch the Tutorial:

If you'd like to learn how to create this Procedural shader yourself, or just have a better understanding of how it works, I have created a step by step tutorial on my YouTube Channel on how to create it:


  • Procedural Earth Blend File (Best Result)

  • Procedural Earth Blend File (Tutorial Result)

  • Final Renders

  • Animation Videos

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Blender Version 2.92
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