Blender Master Course - City Environment And Car-2 Courses + Asset Packs

by Šime Bugarija in Training

In this Blender tutorial, I'm going to show you step-by-step how to create render and animation that will bring us back 50 years in time.

But I also recorded a shorter one-hour tutorial where we create one more scene as a bonus.

So in this master tutorial, we will create two scenes with a street and a car.

I decided to record the creation of two scenes because I use two slightly different methods

In the first scene, we don't stick too much to the reference image and I mostly use assets from before or from the Internet. In this way, we can quickly and easily reach the final result, in this case in only about one hour

Scene 1 final result

Scene 2 final result

In the second part of the tutorial, which is completely step-by-step, we stick to the reference photo that we will bring to life and turn into animation

I will show you how to use the photo not only as a reference but also how to use some of the textures to speed up the process, get closer to the reference, and get a realistic result faster and easier

In addition to the tutorial, I will share with you the final .blend files as well as the 2 assets packs that we use in the tutorial

In the tutorial, we will talk about modeling, texturing, lighting, composition, post-processing…

I will show you how to use a reference photo to create 3D models and how to use it as a texture

We will also use several modifiers and talk to the camera, color correction, use the blender compositor, and more

This is the workflow I've learned in 5 years of experience in Blender and I'm glad to share it with you


2 final .blend files


70 neon signs ready for assets browser.



In this package, I have created 8 shops with a lot of detail so that they can be used very close to the camera.


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