Complete Blender: 3D Modelling For Beginners

by ArtStudio in Surfacing

Hello and welcome!

In this Course, we will take you through modeling to render in Blender 3.1. After finishing this journey, you will be able to modeling low-poly game assets like a sword and PBR texture paint them inside a single program which is Blender.

We start by downloading the blender and getting understanding blender Interface Overview so that you can follow a long very easily. Then we jump into next section where we do modeling and we will learn how to create simple sword blade model using a low poly technique. Here we create an interesting and fantasy 3d stylized sword and a rocky floor. during this section you will learn all the tools and techniques that is necessary for creating low-poly assets and models.

next section we will take you through the texturing processes. Here you learn Texturing, Texture painting, UV Mapping & UV Unwrapping from zero to hero. In here you learn how to unwrap your models and where and how to use mark seams to unwrap correctly. Then we are ready for Texture Painting. Here is very interesting step that gives your work a very high interest. Here you will learn how to paint easy on nodes layers apply them to your model in blender.

We also talk about Blender 3.1 render engine and how to enable Easy-HDRI add-on for really basic lighting. After all that you will learn how to set up camera and take render animation really simple and off course, we will go to the compositing setting and for playing around with some of the nodes to add more realism to our render.