Combo 4 In1 Road Generator

by Tamata Soft in Modifier Setups

Major updates are published V3 (11th July 23)

4 Options in 1 Generator

  • Oprion1- Generate random road structures without doing any modeling work (No need of curve modeling).
  • Oprion2- Generate a road with curve modeling.
  • Oprion3- Generate a road with Edges
  • Oprion4- Generate a road with a Plane

Other Updates

  • SideWalk with divider option
  • Middle road divider
  • Automatic Intersections.
  • Prepared fine-grained custom node groups for simplifying Node structure.

New Features

Option1- Generate random road structures

Option2- Generate a road with curve modeling

Option3- Generate a road with edges

Option4- Generate a road with a plane object

New settings for Dividers


fine-grained custom node groups for simplifying Node structure

New Rendered Images

Plan for Future Releases

  • Procedural Trees
  • Procedural Grass
  • Flyovers
  • Traffic
  • Material Improvements
  • Price Revision :-)


  • Zero Modeling (No manual work to create road structure)
  • Automatic Intersections 

Rendered Images

Why this product?

Most of the available road-generating products are curve modeling based.  The user has to work with curves, to construct a road structure.

This product generates different road structures without doing any modeling work. 

Who can use this product?

A user with a basic understanding of Blender Geometry Nodes can use this product.

Who should use this product?

A user doesn't want to spend time in 3D modeling and wants quick results.


please watch the following clips to get a better understanding of the functionality.

Road Structure

Road Materials

Terrain Deforming by the Road Structure

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Published about 1 year ago
Blender Version 4.1, 4.0, 3.6, 3.5
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