Colormate - Color Harmony And Palette Manager

by Edgeflow in Addons

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ColorScheme - Color Harmony Calculator

Calculates harmonic colors in realtime according to the given master color.

Master Color: Color that drives the color harmony calculation algorithm

Mono: Toggles the 8 swatches belonging to the Monochrome Color Harmony Group. The group consists of 8 monochrome color shades.

Comp: Toggles the 8 color swatches in the Complementary Color Harmony Group. The group consists of 4 shades close to the mastercolor and 4 shades close to the complementary color

Triad: Toggles the 4 color swatches in the Triadic Color Harmony Group. The group consists of 1 shade close to the master color (first member), 1 Shade for the second member of the triadic group and 2 Shades for the third member of the triad.

Sim: Toggles the 4 color swatches in the Similar Colors Harmony Group and the Spread slider control. The group consists of 4 shades which are spread apart on the color circle by the angle defined with Spread

Spread: Angle that is used to determine the distance between shades in the Similar Colors Harmony Group

Scene Library

The Scene Library keeps the imported or created color swatches and palettes saved in the .blend-files scene data. It permits adding, editing, naming, filtering, reordering and removing of color swatches of a color palette. It has two modes, Listview which is meant for editing of the palette and has all the needed buttons visible and Gridview which is meant for quick access.



Gridview: Toggle button which switches the library between the two modes.

Name: Double click the name of the swatch in the list to change it.

Swatch: Single click opens the color picker which lets you choose a color of your liking.

Filter (Hidden until you click the little triangle arrow): Gives access to blenders list filtering options. Let's the user filter by name, sort the list alphabetically or in reverse order. Clicking the magnifying glass inverts the filtering and instead shows everything except the colors which match the querystring.

Add: Adds a new color swatch to the palette, by default its added at the bottom of the list. Name is set to "Color#" and the swatchcolor is set to white.

Remove: Removes the currently highlighted swatch from the color palette

Reorder (up / down arrows): Moves the currently highlighted swatch up or down in the list.

Import: Opens a file dialog and lets the user choose a color palette file to import (.aco, .ase, .acb, .gpl, .kpl, .csv). The imported palette gets added to the end of the current palette.

Export: Opens a file dialog and lets the user choose a location and filename to export the current color palette to.

Clear: Clears the color palette and removes all color swatches.

Grab Scheme: Grabs all Color Harmony Groups from the Colorscheme and adds them as named swatches to the current color palette.

NEW! Sort by Value: Sorts the color library by value eg. from darkest to brightest color.

NEW! From:/ To:/ to Ramp: Enables the user to define a range of colors by selecting a color in the listview and then clicking on From: or To: to define the start and endpoint of the range. The numbers on the From- and To-buttons are the list indices of the colors and will update to the index of the currently selected color when clicked. The to Ramp-button will create a color ramp in the currently open material with the colors set to those in the selected From-To-Range. Negative From-To-ranges are allowed effectively reversion the color order in the ColorRamp-Node. There is a maximum range limit of 32 colors (colorramp node limitation).


Search Bar / Filter: Allows filtering the Gridview by a querystring. The Gridview updates after the user hits the return/enter key.

Persistent Library

Same as the Scene Library but it's content is kept even when changing between blend files or when switching scenes. Great for keeping colors loaded which you use frequently across all your scenes and files.

Addon Preferences

Contains two global settings for the Colormate addon.

Colorscheme Color Harmony calculation:

Standard Hue: Strictly mathematical calculation of the four Color Harmony Groups. (Example: complementary color is exactly on the opposite of the color wheel 180 deg)

Mapped Hue (Adobe-Kuler-ish): Perceptive calculation of the four Color Harmony Groups. Depending on the hue of the color the calculated color harmonies are shifted towards more pleasing colors. This is close to what Adobe online color harmony tool does to get nicer color harmonies.

Library settings:

Number of columns in gridview: Changes the amount of columns when the library is in Gridview mode. Adjust this to your liking. This setting affects both library rollouts.

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