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Early Bird Access to the collection tools addon.
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What does it offer?

useful operators and tools that makes working with collections much more enjoyable and you might now from other software.

Integrated Feature List:

  • Delete empty collections
  • New collection from selected collections (will be created in the collection of the active collection, also works on hidden collections)
  • New collection from selected objects (will be created in the collection of the active object, also works on hidden objects)
  • Merge collections (move objects from selected collections to the active one and deletes the old ones)
  • Split collections by objects (Create a new collection for each object. Child objects will be put in their parents' collection and do not get an individual collection)
  • Split collections by type (Create a new collection for each type of object in the active collection and move all objects in the respective collection)
  • New scene from collection (create a new scene from the active collection, either copy the current scene settings or with default settings)
  • Renaming collection from collection property panel
  • Collection statistics
    Object amount
    amount per type
    information about each type (vertex count, edge count, spline count etc)

Upcoming features:

  • Move collections to collection (like the "move object to collection" operator, but for collections)
  • Collection Viewport display¬†integration (affect viewport display style of all objects inside a collection at once
  • Collections to Hierarchy
  • Hierarchy to Collections
  • Collection Tags (show/hide by tags etc)
  • Pie menu (for visibility overview, different operators etc)
  • User-Defined Collection Metadata (allows to add different kinds of information to each collection¬†such as project notes, client information, or workflow status - especially useful when working together with other people)

  • Any ideas or suggestion you have and propose me will be exanimated and might make it to the addon, so don't hesitate to hit me up!

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