Cliff Cooker

Procedural Cliff Generation Tool

Transform your game environments with Cliff Cooker, a Blender geometry node network designed to create stylized and realistic cliffs. Cliff Cooker simplifies the creation of detailed cliff formations, saving you time and effort. Ideal for game designers, this tool enhances productivity and allows for greater focus on intricate design elements. Cliff Cooker has been production tested in a stylized environment collaboration project in Unreal Engine with art director Almu Redondo.

What is Cliff Cooker?

Cliff Cooker is a Geometry Nodes tool which generates cliff and rock formations from simple base meshes. By adjusting base shapes and scattered meshes, you can customize the parameters to achieve a wide variety of cliff styles. This procedural approach eliminates the tediousness of manual cliff modeling, streamlining the creation of expansive environments.


Flexibility: Easily plug in custom meshes to generate cliffs that match your specific design needs.

    Two StylesChoose between stylized and realism modes to fit your project's aesthetic.

      Real Geometry CutsGenerates actual geometry without relying on displacement to create cracks in cliffs.

      Unreal Engine Support: Compatible with the AlterMesh plugin (developed by Aechmea), enabling fully interactive cliff creation directly in Unreal Engine 5.

      Included in the Cliff Cooker Package:

        • Ready-to-use cliff assets, including base and scatter meshes
        • Instant surface fracture functionality
        • Rock scatter feature for varied cliff shapes
        • Plateau creation for walkable surfaces
        • Procedural rock materials for realistic textures


          • Complex base meshes may not fracture accurately
          • High polygon counts in realism mode can cause lag; stylized mode is highly recommended for initial editing. When using Unreal Engine, Nanite is recommended for in-game cliffs created in realism mode.

            • UV unwrap feature is experimental and currently tri-planar mapping is recommended

              • Collision mesh generation is not implemented yet

                • Some artifacts may occur with fractured geometry; manual cleanup may be needed.

                  • Middle plateaus are limited to 50% of the base mesh height.

                  Don't miss this opportunity! Experience the full potential of your game environments with Cliff Cooker, the ultimate procedural cliff generation tool for Blender. Effortlessly create, customize, and optimize your cliffs with stunning detail and unmatched efficiency. Bring your vision to life and transform your projects today with Cliff Cooker. See the difference for yourself!

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                  Published about 1 month ago
                  Blender Version 4.1
                  License Editorial
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