Classic Library For Blender Eevee And Cycles

by SHcreations in Models

Created in blender 2.90 (versions of 2.82 and before need to be rebaked in order to get the eevee lighting to display)

NOTE: (as of 2023) To make this model more accessible for all: All licensed textures have been replaced by copyright-free (cc0) textures.

If you dont have a poliigon licence, feel free to swap out the textures of this project

The book textures are custom made by me, so they are copyright free

All renders on this page are made in Eevee, The renders that are made in cycles have added text that states that.

This product contains a ready to render library with high quality lighting, textures and furniture.

This is a classic style library with gothic elements (inspired by gothic cathedral interiors)

The lighting is fully set up and baked for efficient realtime Eevee performance by using a irradiance volume, reflection cubes, screen space reflections and ambient occlusion. 

There is also a Cycles version included which has slightly modified stained glass to let colored sunlight trough and a good sample/denoise setup. it also uses adaptive displacement for 3D stone walls and stair effects

Design features:

  • Arched interior bridge.
  • Detailed vaulted ceilings and stone arches.
  • Large stained glass windows that fill the scene with natural light.
  • Cast iron chandeliers that light up the smaller spaces.
  • High quality cast iron spiral staircases and railings.
  • Detailed woodworking.


  • Number of objects: 1297
  • Total verts: 1,068,628
  • Total edges: 2,114,044
  • Total faces: 1,036,152
  • Total tris: 2,127,656

Other technical specs:

  • All materials are PBR.
  • All furniture including bookcases can be removed in one click by turning off its collection 
  • Low poly books with custom made PBR material (42 tris per book)
  • Every single asset in this project is uniquely made for this scene
  • Tilable textures use a box projection overlapping UV map for seamless results.
  • The stained glass is a procedural material that can be edited (but not available for the exported files)
  • Materials and objects are named and put in collections
  • The scene is low to mid-poly so it can be used for game development, renders, animations, environments, VR, product presentation, education, personal projects and commercial projects

File extensions: (All files are exported from Blender with default settings.)

  • BLEND (Eevee and cycles files) (native)
  • FBX
  • OBJ
  • DAE
  • STL
  • ABC
  • GLB
  • PLY
  • X3D

Sales 80+
Dev Fund Contributor
Published almost 4 years ago
Blender Version 2.9, 2.83
License Royalty Free
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