Classic Chest Of Drawers England 1810

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Dating from Regency time period around 1810, this dark teak wood chest of drawers is full of beautiful charm and character. It has a rectangular molded top above two graduating drawers with brass swan neck handles with decent floral design. The teak wood has aged to a dark reddish shade with a striking grain, good patina, and a traditional form of wax finishing.
This unique model is a wonderful eyecatcher in every architectural rendering, especially when combined with modern interior elements.

Real life approximate dimensions are:

Height 70cm/ 27.5 inches
Width:80cm / 31.5 inches
Depth:45cms / 18 inches

Clear model structure, UVs and proper naming

The model is designed to open each drawer individually. Each object is properly named and has clean, non overlapping UVs. The model is made of quad polygons and ready for subdivision (>98% quads, no poles).Modelled in real life scale, Z up.

2K, 4K and 8K PBR texture maps for wide range to close up renders

The model comes with three sizes of texture sets:
- 8K diffuse, roughness, metallic and normal maps in png filetype
- 4K diffuse, roughness, metallic and normal maps in png filetype
- 2K diffuse, roughness, metallic and normal maps in png filetype

Polygon count

Verts: 11793
Faces: 11174

Studio render Setup included

The model comes with a free Studio render setup. Simply open the file and hit render (Please note that the Color Management needs to be set to Filmic Color Management, Base contrast for render results that are identical to the product image renders).

Dev Fund Contributor
Published over 6 years ago
Blender Version 2.79
Misc Data UV'S Unwrapped, Manifold Mesh (Water-Tight), Low & High Resolution, Normal Mapped, Textured
License Royalty Free
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