Classic Americana - General Electric 1950's "Authentic Oven" Wall Oven And Kitchen Cabinet

by Lemenaid in Models

A problem I often run into is many of the projects I need specific models, usually from another era, and the few that are available are very simple or basic in their design, not fully representing the variety that was available from that era.  

I have an ongoing project I am working on where I need average and below average median income neighborhoods, and suburban utilities, exteriors and interiors, visiting many locations, and variety was one of the most important design prerequisites on the list.  On this project, as we move on to new locations, I thought it would be good to maybe help try to partially fill this void and share the collection with anyone else who has the same problem finding variety, unique or specific designs from years gone by from the last half of the 20th century.  

This beautiful retro wall oven is the first of many models to come from the collection.  This is a General Electric "Authentic Oven"  wall oven from the 1950's.  It is modeled to scale.  And while I could have just sold the oven as a stand alone, I thought I would include a portion of the cabinet set that it was originally installed within, keeping the right vintage design combination together for anyone designing retro but not sure how to match and pair the "little things" together.  All the doors have rotation constraints on them so everything is mostly interactive.  They are set to global so if you rotate them you will have to recalculate the rotation.  The cooking trays can be removed and all the knobs are separated so they can be rotated if needed.  

It was built in 3.5 but I resaved it in 2.93 so it will open in any version. 

The model is 54, 353 faces, 105, 412 tris, and if you hide the GE logo while you work you are hiding a little under half of the tri-count.   

Published 12 months ago
Blender Version 3.5
Render Engine Used cycles
Misc Data manifold-mesh, rigged, normal-mapped, textured
License Royalty Free
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