Cielo Backgrounds

by Blender Addon in Surfacing

CIELO is a growing collection of hand painted, highly detailed 360° backgrounds for your Blender scenes. Each background comes in 16K resolution, allowing you to zoom into details and works with both Eevee and Cycles!

CIELO comes with built in color, distance and physical effects like atmospheredefocus and sky tinting, allowing you to perfectly match the mood and lighting of your scene.

CIELO is here to help you create lush environments for your scenes and characters! Do you ever find yourself searching for the perfect stylized background? Maybe you just want some green mountains on the background, a cloudy sky, some snowy peaks, or maybe a rocky desert?

Choose from four beautiful environments and give life to your 3D scenes. Our environments have real-world variation and you will not find any repetition or tiling whatsoever!

CIELO is as easy as drag & drop from the Blender asset browser! A full 360° painting is now surrounding your scene!

CIELO is fully interactive and works in both Cycles and Eevee render engines.

CIELO is a stunning stylized background painted on a giant dome around your scene and characters!

CIELO comes with it's own user friendly interface, allowing you to access all the available settings from one place!



Rotation:  Rotate the matte in 360 degrees to find the perfect spot.

Height: Adjust the height of the matte depending on the horizon line of your shot.

Ground Color: You can adjust the ground color to match the textures and color or your scene.


With CIELO you are not limited to the beautiful colors and values we have chosen for our environments, you can adjust almost every aspect of the image and create your own!

Contrast: Adjust the contrast of the whole matte.

Hue:  Adjust the hue of the whole matte, so you can use it with any color palette!

Saturation: Saturate or completely desaturate the matte, depending on what you need.

Value: Brighten or darken the matte to match the lighting and mood of your scene.

DoF Near: Adjust the intensity of the out of focus effect on the plane nearest to camera.

DoF Far: Adjust the intensity of the out of focus effect on the plane farthest to camera.


CIELO also adds incredible depth and a cinematic quality to your backgrounds by adding environmental effects to your scene. It's not just a flat image!

Strength: Controls how much environmental fog you want on your scene, go from a clear bright sky to a completely foggy and cloudy day!

Starting Distance: Controls where the fog starts and ends on you scene depending on where your camera is located.


CIELO is fully integrated with Blender's physical sky models.  Our goal is to give you as much control as possible if you want it, or just use it out of the box, it's up to you!

Color:  Control the color of the sky and the overall color and mood of your scene, as the sky will tint the whole image, just as in the real world!

Tint Matte: Don't want the sky to tint the matte as much? No problem! This will control how much influence the sky color has on your overall scene.

Use Physical Sky: Fan of the NPR look? Lower the physical sky influence or disable it completely!

Physical Sky Type: Choose from Blender’s physical sky models: Preetham, Hosek/Wilkie or Nishita.

Exposure: Control the exposure of the physical sky to add more light to the scene or take away from it.

Sun Direction: You can control the direction from where the sun is shining and even how low or high it is in the sky, affecting the time of day!

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