Church Furniture Asset Collection

by Cameron Schmaltz in Models

This is my Church Furniture Asset Collection that I created using Blender. All models in the collection were made using the metalness workflow and use PBR textures. It includes 16 models with some models being brand new and some classic models that were recreated with several improvements such as new textures and cleaner topology.

The blend file that is included has setup camera layouts ready for rendering along with lighting using an HDR map, free to use from HDRI Haven. All images were rendered in Blender 2.81 using the cycles engine at 600 samples using the new denoising node in the compositor.

Each included texture is baked using original textures. The models have been manually unwrapped and packed. Each texture can be edited in photo editing software to add things such as imperfections providing the changes are made within the bounds of the UVMap layout.

UVLayouts and wireframes for all models are included. Everything included in the product images is included in this collection.