Customizable Christmas Lights - Geometry Nodes 🎄

by Ryan King Art in Modifier Setups

Customizable Christmas Lights using Geometry Nodes in Blender. The Christmas lights are a curve object, and you can easily edit the curves to move the light strands around. 🎄

Customizable Geometry Nodes:
The curves have a Geometry nodes setup, that creates the Christmas lights. There is also a light bulb object which is being instanced on the curve. The Geometry nodes are setup to be customizable. You can customize the wire thickness, lights amount, light size, wire twist, and much more.

Customizable Shader:
The lights shader is customizable, and comes with eight color presets, one of them being a custom color. You can also edit the shader group, and edit the color ramps to make any light color variations you want.

Render Engines:
These Christmas lights were created to work great in both the Eevee and Cycles rendering engines. The Blender files are turned to Cycles on default, but they work great in Eevee too.

The Blender files also come with a compositing setup, to add a glow effect to the lights, as well as denoise the image and add a vignette effect. If rendering in Eevee, you can disable the compositing and use the Bloom effect in Eevee instead.

I've also created a tutorial on how to make these Christmas Lights. Watch the tutorial here to learn how to use this product, or learn how to create it yourself:


  • Christmas Lights Blender File
  • Lights Hanging on Rafters Blender File
  • Pile of Lights Blender File
  • Final Renders
  • Wood Texture Maps
  • HDRI Lighting

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