Chain Generator Pro

by Liryc Creative Design Studio in Addons

60 types of chain parts and 20 types of materials

Chain generation kit with freely customizable geometry nodes

We developed this generator to quickly and efficiently create CG of metal chain parts, which are difficult to do manually with photogrammetry. This generator makes it easy for anyone to create professional looking chains without any complicated work.

I hope it helps you in your wonderful creative work.

You can create as many chains as you want!

  • 60 photorealistic chain parts

  • 20 kinds of high-quality materials that incorporate fashion trends

  • All parts are made to real-world scale

  • Geometry nodes for unlimited customization

  • Future free updates

You can intuitively generate chains with hand-drawn curves.

Quickly switch parts with drag and drop. Spend less time modeling and more time exploring inspiration.

Realistic materials: 3 types of metal, 9 types of plastic, 8 types of clear (only colorful materials for cycles)

【Chain parts】

30 types of edge parts

30 types of link parts

One in the viewport and two subdivisions in the render matter. So it works easier!


20 kinds of materials. Drag and drop to adjust.

Plastic/translucent colorful textures can be customized in the shader editor.

You can also add animations of different sizes and lengths.

Two types of chains can be freely combined. You can control the size interval etc. separately.

It can also be applied to curves in geometry nodes.

You can chain any object you like

Procedure for meshing

This will allow you to export in FBX

[Meshing procedure]
① Select the chain object you want to mesh

② Display the geometry node editor

③ Enable the 3 "Realize Instances" nodes on the right end of the geometry node by switching mute

④ Right click on the object → Convert → Mesh

The reasons why the Pro version cannot be meshed as is are as follows The product comes with a colorful materializer. This material does not work with instance materialization turned on, so the Pro version chain cannot be meshed as is.

【Light Pack】

Standard Pack
  • 30 photoreal chain parts 

    • 10 basic high quality materials

    • All parts created to real-world scale

    • Fully customizable with geometry nodes

    • Free future updates

    Starter Pack
    • 14 photoreal chain parts 

    • 5 basic high quality materials

    • All parts created to real-world scale

    • Fully customizable with geometry nodes

    • Free future updates

    【ChainGeneratorPro Gallery】

    Author: c0untarm

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    We support the Blender Foundation

    We love blenders! We would like to participate in its development. We will donate a portion of our profits to the growth of the Blender Foundation. 

    About commercial use

    Commercial use is permitted if this asset is used as part of a work or production.

    Modifications such as mesh data and materials are free. For the purpose of supporting the production activities of Blender artists, it is prohibited to redistribute or sell this asset data as it is.

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