Celestools - Add Details With Ease

by Levi Magony in Modifier Setups

Add Magical Details 

With Ease.

What Is CelesTools?

Focus on creativity instead of the technical things.
CelesTools is a collection of 7 artist-friendly tools powered by Geometry Nodes, which enables you to effortlessly add details to your artworks.
It works with Blender 4.1 only!


Making constellations manually is time-consuming. With this tool you can just draw a curve, it generates a constellation for you, and you can customize every aspect of it in a matter of seconds. 


Adding stardust makes anything look magical instantly. It's animated!


Every cute artwork needs stars, with this tool you can quickly customize the stars to find the best shape to your liking without modeling anything.


Pearls are a great way to increase the magic meter of an art piece. Inspired by @vera_phina who leverages the power of the pearls like no one else.

Particle Fill

Add small details inside any object instantly with drag & drop. Feel free to edit the mesh, the particles will adapt to the new shape.


The rainbow can be a small detail but also the main character in a scene, and now it's easier than ever to make one. You can turn it into a helix as well.


Place the halo around something to make the object more interesting. Add more spheres and adjust their placement effortlessly till you're satisfied with the result.

Adding Details Is Easy Now

Before creating these tools, adding details felt like a chore and wasn't artist-friendly at all. No wonder I kept reusing the same constellations I made years ago. Thanks to CelesTools, nothing holds me back now, so I can create without limits.

What Are The Benefits?

Adding details manually is time-consuming and can be frustrating. I made CelesTools with the intention of making the process of adding details fun and intuitive. So if you want to speed up your workflow, and focus on being creative instead of the technical things, then CelesTools is for you.

Asset Browser Ready

Add the CelesTools folder to your asset browser file paths, drag and drop the tools right into your scenes, and start creating immediately.

How To Use CelesTools?

In this video I walk you through the settings, and give you some examples where to use these tools.

Buy Once, Yours Forever

Get CelesTools for the price of a large pizza and use it forever. Future updates will be provided free of charge. Can you say the same thing about the pizza?ūüėŹ

Made with love by Levi

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Published about 2 months ago
Blender Version 4.1
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