Car'Toons : Basic Car 2 Doors

by Pixtim in Models

Basic car two doors. (BLENDER 2.8 only)

Doors, trunk, hood, steering wheel but also gear lever, handbrake, pedals, glove box are animatable.


_ 30 independent and organized objects. _ All animatable parts have an axis positioned correctly _ Mid poly (41542 polygons) _ Regular mesh to support cartoon deformations

Materials :

_ Easy color change _ PBR _ 18 independent materials with dedicated UVW. _ the 18 materials benefit from 5 channels of textures in 2048x2048 pixels in PNG format: diffuse, occlusion, metalness, normals, roughness. _ Usable and customizable materials with or without textures

_ 2 Blender files : one for Eevee and one prepared for Cycle