Cartesian Coordinates Art No.2

by smice in Modifier Setups

This is Version II of Cartesian Coordinates Art - please notice this file needs the latest Blender Version 4.1.1 ++ (!important, the "switch index node" comes with 4.1.!) The difference to version I is that in this Version a large number of formulas are pre-assigned. Using 3 basic switches you can create a total of 25*8*6 = 1200 different type objects from the 25 objects without having to make any changes to the geometry nodes. It is also possible to create round or square patterns using a secondary modifier. Further have many objects a special "Extra Form Slider" this lets easily create more maths transition & forms. Also it’s easy to make animations out of all forms.

You’ll find a set of 25+5 Cartesian coordinates art objects. They are completely build as Geometry Nodes. In the documentation you will find the setup with a explanation for this Node-Tree. It is the setup for the "Basic-Object", so you could go ahead and build based on this Node-Tree your own setup and generate your own equitation, for example with But you will save many hours of work with this Blender File 😀. Like my other Blender maths projects, these objects are pure based on maths equations.

More about those Cartesian coordinates? pls. see the FAQ

!! Important, e-mail registered people who bought the "Version 1", will get this file as an update, please be so kind and contact me !!

Published about 2 months ago
Blender Version 4.1
License Royalty Free
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