Car-Rig Pro "Blender Kit"

by 3DVision in Scripts and Addons

CAR-RIG PRO 1.4 allows you to rig any type of vehicle with four wheels ex: weight heavy, city car, race car etc ..."Car-Rig Pro" is the easiest and fastest rig system to install, it is optimized to save you time. 

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  • Drift Auto.
  • Editable Ground.
  • Simple to animate.
  • Automatic steering.
  • Camera: custom camera.
  • Automatic ground detection.
  • Realistic suspension simulation.
  • Supports Real-Time Ground Deformations.
  • Independent rotation: front wheel / rear wheel.
  • Automatic detection of ground inclination (X/Y axis)
  • Rig properties : control command of Installation/Animation/physics.

Just use Blender's "append" function "F4" to import the kit with the "Collection". 

Step 1  Place your car in the right position "The front wheels of your car should be aligned in approximately the same position as the front contact points".

Step 2  Use the Installation Panel "I" to place the contact points.

Step 3  Place the bone in the center of the wheel, then attach the wheel to the bone, repeat the same operation for the other wheels.

Step 4  Check if your wheels rotate correctly, for this in the properties panel use the "Gas 1" and "Gas 2" controls.

Step 5  Attach the car to the main bone called the "Frame".

Step 6  Check if the car is properly attached to the main bone "Frame".

The properties of the rig are divided into three parts.

- Installation ( I ): Place the "contact point" bones and the main "Frame" bone in the correct position and use the rental limits to avoid a collision between the car chassis and the wheels.

- Animation ( A ): Manage the controls to perform your animation, drive, set the speed, activate ground detection, change the mode for drifting (manual or automatic) etc...

- Physics ( P ): Configure the physics of the car, the weight, the suspension force, the speed of the physics simulation.  

Select the ground then use the property options to deform the terrain.

1 Drift Auto:

- Now the Rig can automatically perform drifting following the curve, just activate the "Drift auto" function

2 Simplified version added :

- A simplified version is now available. This version gives more freedom to make non-linear animations since it does not depend on the path. ( Z-axis rotation of the front wheels is available).

3 Rig Propertie :

- it is now divided into three parts Installation/Animations/Physics, This makes it easier to read.

4 The Ground:

- It can now be edited to create several types of terrain.

5 Wheel rotation :

- A new rotation method has been installed.

- Two versions available: Blender 2.80 and 2.79 
- New bone customized and animated for better visibility.
- The curve used to edit the path has been replaced by a "path", which is faster and easier to edit.
- The Rig can now detect ground inclination or deformation in the X/Y axes (* This option is activated when you activate ground detection).
- Simplified physics settings, now you only have to manage three parameters: the mass of the car, the speed of the physics simulation and the strength of the suspension.
- Options that were not essential have been removed from the control panel for better visibility.

- The "Ground" object is already associated with the path, so it is enough to just increase the value of the array modifier.