Cabinet Door Asset Pack

by Killian Murphy in Models

Make 3D Viz of Kitchens, Bathrooms and or other rooms that contain Cabinets? Do you wish there was an easier way to tackle that which the devil hath created? Well, my friends, the answer is Finally Here!

Cabinet Door Asset Pack 

In this pack, you have 150 different Cabinet doors made from 15 different Frames and 10 different panels so you can take your basic Kitchen Cabinet renders like this: 


To Epic and more detailed cabinets like this: 

 What used to be a time suck, is now simply a copy and paste! 

Need to adjust the size? 

Simple, go into edit mode, select and move to the desired shape*

*If the frame starts to get too chunky you can scale down the whole model, then enter edit mode to adjust as above.

Bonus Tip 1: 

The frames and the panels have been modelled separately allowing you to separate them and use them in other models such as a mirror frame, or a panel wall. 

Bonus Tip 2: 

You can take the profile of the frame, and spin it to create round frames

All of this, plus a small donation to the Blender Foundation on each sale! 

Why are you still reading this go... buy... contribute and most of all enjoy being free of the nightmare of cabinet doors!