Build Export Node [View Layer Render Pass]

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Build a node for exporting view layer render passes

You can instantly export all render passes by simply clicking the add-on button and then rendering.

Set various render passes to the file output node in the composite node and perform node construction to normalize the render pass information.

When you rendering, the settings of the composite node will be reflected and each render pass will be saved as an image file.



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  • Properties → View layer → “Build Export Node”

You can execute three types of node construction from the menu button.

  • Setting export node for “all pass” of active view layer
  • Setting export node for “all pass” of all view layers
  • Setting export node for “combined image” of all view layers


Node constructed by executing

  • Make depth maps and mist maps ready for export
    • Normalized with the Normalize node and inverted with the Color Ramp node
  • If Cryptomatte is enabled, you can export like an ID map
    • Connected to Cryptomatte node and export pick image
    • Object material assets available
  • Denoise combined image and AO if denoising data is enabled
    • Connect to denoising node
  • The output pass is set to the output pass of the scene
    • When building a node with “All pass of all view layers”, it is divided into folders for each view layer.
  • View layers that are disabled for use in rendering will have their output nodes muted

Batch setting the path index

  • Batch setting of path index for materials / objects
  • Settings from specific filter types, such as Slots / Selected objects / Scenes / All data
  • Set the same value / individual values

Creating a fake normal pass scene


Create a normal pass export scene using Matcap.

Creating a for fake object ID / material ID scene


Create  a object / material ID  pass export scene using Matcap or viewport color.

Random color settings for object materials

Randomly set the viewport color of an object/material.
In addition to the rendering purpose, you can color-code it to make it easier to see.



Set up denoising nodes on various pass.



  • Change export file name
    • You can change the exported file name from the add-on settings

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