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v2 -> Blender 2.9x

v1 -> Blender 2.8x

Btodo is a simple addon for writing down and manage notes, todos and texts into blender built-in text editor. It provides a simple UI integrated into text-editor’s properties panel to create, rename and tag text data-block. It allows to add custom notes as comments to every single object, too. 

Perfect for:

  • writing down your ideas;
  • planning your work;
  • writing todo-lists;
  • easily managing teamwork;
  • not forgetting anything with object’s notes;
  • not losing your ideas. Everything is packed into the project's .blend file;

Main panel: categories

Main features:

  • create/remove categories;
  • create/remove notes for each category;
  • add custom notes and comments to every object into the scene;
  • add existing text’s datablock as a new note
  • create/remove new tags and assign/remove them to/from notes;
  • move notes between categories;
  • list notes by category or by tag;
  • check-list usage with a ‘check’ parameter for todo-like notes;
  • rename categories, notes and tags (do not change text’s datablock name directly from blender UI, instead use buttons on the side of the lists!!);
  • rearrange items to match your preferences.

Categorize, tag, add, write, organize, complete, delete.

Control each panel's visibility.

Three tabs:

  • category view: add/remove categories and filter notes by category
  • tag's view: add/remove tags and sort filter by tag
  • object view: list all notes added to the active object

These tabs are also 'unpacked' in the scene and object properties to better fit your workflow. Show/hide panels based on your preferences.

Be careful:

  • when you delete an object, you lose all notes attached to it;
  • when you delete a category also you lose all its notes;
  • when you delete a tag from tag’s list also it removes it from every note.

See project page or documentation.

Sales 90+
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Published over 4 years ago
Blender Version 2.8, 2.9, 3.0, 3.5
License GPL
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