Bs Signs - 450+ Street Signs

by SCANTRON5000 in Models

BS Signs is a street sign asset pack with over 450 signs.

Each sign is a 2k texture on a plane.

1 node group controls every sign's reflection ( reflecting like real-life signs where light bounces back at the source ) and the back face with a simple procedural metal texture

Also included in the pack are 4 poles and bolt to jump-start the creation.

I'm pretty sure this is the only street sign pack you'll ever need...


- All signs take almost 8 GB of VRAM to load at once. I've created an all-in-one blend file for those with stronger GPUS. Also, there are 4 split blend files as well to ease the load on weaker systems.

- You can tab into the Sign Group and do a bit of color editing for the signs procedurally. To do so, tab into the Sign Group > Replace the "Base Color" connection in the bottom Principled BSDF with the Color output from the "Invert" node. It's a little finicky, but you can mess with the color there. You can edit reflectivity and everything else in the group too. NOTE: It will affect all 450+ signs, so don't forget to make a single user copy if you only want to edit 1 sign.

- EEVEE: You'll need to change the Shadow Mode on the signs you use to Alpha Clip or Alpha Hashes. I left it opaque to have less stress on the system when picking your signs.

Sales 20+
Published almost 3 years ago
Blender Version 2.9, 2.91, 2.92, 2.93
License Creative Commons
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