Brix - Procedural Textures Pack

by Nodes and noodles in Surfacing

Procedural Materials from PBR Textures

This pack contains:

  • 9 procedural bricks textures
  • edge noise effects
  • PBR texture blending nodes
  • 3 sets of example materials (basic, intermediate, and advanced) showing how to use these nodes to build high quality procedural materials

Included example material

Each of the 9 procedural bricks textures produces a different layout of bricks and mortar and is customisable, some featuring different modes and types.
The mortar size along with the edge bevel size, profile, and rounded corners of the bricks can all be controlled to get just the look you want.

The nodes generate a heightmap for use with Bump or Displacement, a unique random color value and a set of masks:

  • Mask - isolates the bricks from the mortar.
  • Alt Course - isolates certain rows of bricks.
  • Alt Bond - isolates certain bricksĀ pertinent to the layout.

Simple In - Advanced Out

These procedural textures produce advanced results from simple inputs. They can use Object coordinates, UV maps, Generated coordinates, or any type of gradients. Size values can be in world units for absolute control.

The 9 Types

Each texture gives you a different layout of bricks with several options for customisation. Here are the 9 types and their variations:

  • Tile and Dot
  • Herringbone
  • Hexagonal
  • Multi-Style
  • Radial
  • Random-Sized
  • Triangular
  • Lock
  • Basket Weave

Special Thanks

For a straight-out-of-the-box render, this pack includes two sets of PBR textures and an HDRi background image texture generously provided by Polyhaven.

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