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The file has a main material setting, that includes everything for a correct setup.

The purpose for it is to make you very flexible in creating your unique brick wall.

I have included some presets for you to get going, but you are free to expand and play with the nodes as you want.

This is how the node tree looks:

It contains of four node groups that work together. The groups are:

BrickTextureJT - Here you create the base shape of the bricks. You set offset, size, amount of mortar, rotation and so on. As output you get the base height for the bricks, a mask, a barebone variation without noise and a greyscale used for colorvariation. I use those in my further flow, but you can of course also use them if you want to tweak something. 

BrickDamage - Here the flow continues by adding damage. You have four categories which are vertical lines in the brick, damage on edges, just general destroy values and finally small dots on the brick.

BrickMortar - When you have done the bricks, you should of course also have some mortar. You can set the wished height on the mortar, how much it should spread, some general noise and additional grains/pebbles which are "the" thing to make it looks real.

BrickColor - In the end you should color everything. There are a variation of colors you can mix to get a good result out. Just try and you'll see how things work.

The only parameter that I think could be a bit hard to understand is the X/Y Smoothness in the group BricktextureJT. It controls the length and height of the bricks. If using a value of 1, you get the "standard" ratio of 1 in heght and 2 in length. For bricks this will often be to short... so by increasing the value you will get thinner and longer bricks. If you of some reason want them to be more square... then you decrease the value. Experiment and see what happens.

Good luck!!


Ver 2.1

* Added presets for you, so it will be easier to get started.

Ver 2.0

* Did a huge clean up of nodes and that is why I went for naming it 2.0! Without removing functionality almost half the nodes are removed to make the material a bit lighter.

* Added some extra color possibilities, so you can have rain damage and AO on the brick as well

Ver 1.1


* You can now offset complete image in x and y, which ease up if you want to export image to create a seamless texture.

* Row offset in X direction. Before it was always 0.5 with some randomness, but now you can set the offset. Good if you want to make stone floor for instance.

* Cracks in stones added.

* Broken stones added.

* Micro damage added.

* Chip damage added, so flakes can be removed from the stones with harder edges than "regular" damage.

* Huge clean up of nodes and node tree so it is even easier to understand each block to make your own changes or additions to the material.

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