Book Wizard 2: Books Creation Tools

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Book Wizard 2

UPDATE: since February 10th, 2016 the Book Wizard 2 is updated at the version 2.1. These are the new features added:

  • Automatic shelves detection
  • Books grouping
  • Y-axis shifting
  • Stacks height limit and variation

If you purchased beforse this date you can download the new product and replace the old one.

A short video to show you the new features:

An integrative pdf is available in the documentation to learn about the new features.

Books Creation Tools

The Book Wizard 2 is the new version of the add-on for Blender that allows you to generate books and covers for your libraries according to your settings and needs with a random distribution. It allows you to create from small groups and stacks of books to entire libraries in few minutes. Then you can also generate the covers for all the books you created with a single click, by defining in detail what color palette to use, and allows you to set other parameters for the generated covers. The Book Wizard 2 is made of two distinct scripts: the Books Generator uses some base models of books that are duplicated casually on your shelves giving them random dimensions and positions, and also providing some small but realistic deformations to the books to create libraries with a naturalness never seen before. The Covers Generator works by modifying the provided Cycles material by changing its textures to create many different combinations to create a varied library.  It must be used with Cycles render engine.

Anyone who has worked with an interior scene where lots of books were needed can understand how expensive is the job of making the library varied, how difficult it is to find all the covers, and especially get a library with appropriate colors for your scene.

With Book Wizard, thanks to the random distribution and over 20 different settings for the books creation, and thanks to the modularity of the covers texture, you can generate libraries with the grade of variation that you want and with hundreds of different covers using few basic textures without fear of getting duplicate books. And if, for some combination, some books come out the same, you just select them and generate new covers for those books with just another click, with parameters consistent with the entire library. The colors of the books can be defined randomly or with an image containing the colors you want to use in the library, directly editable in Blender to have an almost real-time result.

The Book Wizard gives you other advantages. In plus of saving time, it also allows to use instances of the books models or to use the provided low poly version of the books to save memory, and also saves places for the GPU maximum textures count, because it reuses textures, so with large libraries you will have variety at the same cost of number of textures. This translates also in a lower memory usage. Book Wizard works well with books and with graphics provided with the script. However, it is also possible to use it with your own models of books and your covers textures, although this does not allow you to set the color of the books according to a palette.

The books provided have big realism and naturalness, thanks to their shape keys that allows for realistic and various deformations. No more libraries made of rigid paper bricks! The only restriction is on the material, which must be the one provided with the base books to work with the covers generator.

Archive content

In the package you will find:

  • The Books Generator manual
  • A zip file of the Books Generator script
  • A blend file with the base models of the books with shape keys deformations, the base models in low poly version (without shape keys deformations) and two models of open books (compatible with Covers Generator).
  • A zip file of the Covers Generator script
  • Covers Generator manual
  • Textures and color palettes for the Covers Generator and for the open books.

What is new for Covers Generator owners:

  • Low poly version of the books
  • Open books models
  • About 30 new textures for the Covers Generator
  • 5 Internal pages textures
  • 5 new color palettes
  • The Books Generator, of course!

To have an overview of all the features of the tools, have a look at the manuals of the scripts in the documentation.

This is the full version of the Book Wizard presentation:

Here you can find a complete video tutorial about the  Covers Generator:

Here the Covers Generator teaser:

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