Bmesh Clean Add-On

by Andrew_D in Addons

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This item has an average rating of 4 from 17 ratings by the community.

  • Prugnier
    8 months ago

    Not perfect geometry but good enought every time

  • Jack
    11 months ago

    pretty good, but doubles faces quite often

  • Thomas Tandityo
    over 1 year ago

    nice, very useful

  • Brian First
    about 2 years ago

    a great tool. Fixes 90% of the issues importing meshes--often times 100%. Great timesaver.

  • Bernard
    over 2 years ago

    Great tool. Essential for me when working with CAD imports. It's not perfect, but it's a damn useful step along the way of clean up meshes

  • Matthias Jakisch
    almost 4 years ago

    This addon is awesome, it saves me hours after hours of work, as I'am importing obj files from MagicaVoxel and clean them up and cut them in parts in blender, to export them as fbx into Unity to animate them there. Obj files had a lot of triangles on the faces which i had to handle myself to clean them up to bevel the outer edges of the objects, that was a hell of a job, now just a few seconds per each model, thank you for the good job and please update the addon to Blender 2.9x soonest :-)

  • Ted
    over 4 years ago

    I like the cleanup features. It does a pretty good job of it, however, I think the demo video was a bit misleading the first time I watched it. I too thought the SketchUp importer plugin was included with the Cleanup add-on for 2.8x. I was hoping I wouldn't have to jump back to 2.79 to import a SketchUp model, save it there, then jump back to 2.8x to work on it. A few extra hoops to jump thought that I didn't want to have to do. But otherwise, it's a solid plugin.

  • Nikita
    over 4 years ago

    A great addon that will save you time, effort and nerves.

    Modeling is great, but sometimes when importing models you want to skip the boring part of cleaning.

    Many thanks to Andrew_D for their help in configuring the addon. Very fast response and professionalism of the developer.

    Прекрасный аддон, который сэкономит вам время, силы и нервы.

    Моделинг - это прекрасно, но иногда при импорте моделей хочется пропустить скучную часть чистки.

    Огромное спасибо Andrew_D за помощь в настройке аддона. Очень быстрый ответ и профессионализм разработчика.

  • Peter13
    almost 5 years ago

    Awesome addon. It works perfectly. Great for reducing heavy meshes.

    • Andrew D.

      almost 5 years ago

      Thank you very much for this kind comment and for the support you gave us with your contribution!

  • delazouch
    almost 5 years ago

    WOW, customer service, helped me get SKP importer working on Blender 2.79b and went that extra mile. Customer service at its best

    • Andrew D.

      almost 5 years ago

      Hey, thank you very much for the support, our service is very active as we work almost every day, this has become a real job thanks to the people who support us. And we are very happy with this evaluation!

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