Fredegund - The Blenrig Skeleton

by jpbouza in Models


Create a folder for Fredegund, copy the Zip files there and extract in place!

If you intend to set materials up in a Game Engine, use the normal maps from the 'game_ engine_ normal_ maps' folder. Also included are FBX and OBJ versions of Fredegund. The FBX version includes deformation bones for Game Engines.


The only addon that you need to install to make the best out of the rig is the BlenRig Addon. The rest of the included Addons are optional.

Inside the Fredegund Folder you will find a folder called anim_addons. There you will find the BlenRig addon and the Mixamo addon.

On the other hand, inside of the paint_addons folder you will find the Layer Painter addon and the Oscurart Bake PBR addon. If you have purchased the Textures & Sculpt Source Files version of Fredegund, you will also find the Sculpt Layers addon. You can watch the Textures & Sculpt Source Files tutorial below to learn how to use these addons.


In order to link the character into a new Scene, choose the 'Fredegund' Collection, then run 'Make Library Override'.

Fredegund Video Documentation

1 - Body Controls

2 - Face Controls

3 - Display Settings

4 - Character Settings

5 - Mixamo & Game Engines

6 - Textures & Sculpt Source Files

Known Issues:

  • Blender 3.2 has issues with some drivers when linking the character into a new scene. Blender 3.3 does not have this issue and linking works perfectly well.
  • When first linking the character into a new scene, the Fredegund Panel will not appear. Save the file and re-open, then the panel will appear.
  • This files were created in Blender 3.2, if you save them in Blender 3.3, they won't work in Blender 3.2 anymore. Keep separate copies of the files you move to another Blender version.

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