Blendermarket Medieval Modular Pack Kitbash In Blender: Build A Castle Keep

by 3D Tudor in Training

Which Blender renderer will we be learning to use?

You will be learning how to use both Cycles and Eeevee.

Who are your target students?
  • Beginner 3D modellers eager to learn how to build a medieval castle kitbash
  • Enthusiasts of Blender who want to fast-track their understanding of its new and exciting changes
  • Mid-Level 3D modellers who want to take their modelling to a new level and improve their workflow with tips and tricks
  • Medieval Europe fans who want to recreate a realistic and to-real-world-proportion medieval castle, town or city
Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?
  • To own a computer (Mircrosoft, Linux or Mac)
  • A graphic tablet is highly recommended but not required
  • To have downloaded Blender 2.9 (available for free)
  • A thirst to learn and excitement about 3D modelling
  • To download all course resources including a course handbook, 65 references, and 125 texture maps, including alphas, albedo, AO, roughness, metallic, normal, height, and displacement.
What will students learn in your course?
  • Following through a complete guide on creating a Medieval Castle Kitbash
  • Using Blender 2.9 (the newest software version) and understanding its interface and shortcuts
  • Creating 65 stunning medieval castle assets enabling you to build a castle, town or city, unique to every student
  • Learning an industry-standard 3D modelling professional workflow within Blender 2.9
  • Effective problem-solving in Blender 2.9
  • A course within a course introduction into (a) Blender basics, (b) materials and textures, and (c) seams, sharps, and UVs.
  • Discovering vertex painting
  • Learning how to use HDRIs as backgrounds to feature your 3D models in
  • Maintaining and optimising medieval Europe aesthetics for a full castle scene
  • Marking Seams, Sharps, and fixing Normals
  • Smoothing and preparing meshes for texturing
  • Adding materials using Blender 2.9’s node system
  • Learning the basics of shaders
  • Creating a water shader procedural material in Blender 2.9
  • Mesh deforming and using Booleans
  • Learning how to make loop cuts in Blender 2.9
  • Fixing Ngons within Blender 2.9
  • Complete guide on marking seams & texture resolutions
  • Complete UV Mapping Guide: UV mapping and UV unwrapping your model
  • Creating Collections of Objects and Meshes using a Hierarchy System
  • Learning how to use rendering to improve the quality of presentation for your 3D environment in both Blender 2.9 Cycles and Eevee
  • Rendering a medieval castle kitbash scene to a high level.