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BlenderAe documentation.

1.4.6 – 4 November, 2023

- BlenderAe preferences dependency installation bug.

1.4.5 – 22 July, 2023

- Ae layers imported into Blender with missing data or no data.

- Support for more layer types imported from After Effects. Adjustment, Footage, Placeholder, and PreComp layers dimensions and transforms are now supported.

1.4.4 (Blender Market only) – July 14, 2023

- Fixed some small bugs

1.4.3 – June 26, 2023

- Fixed error with After Effects to Blender import scale

1.4.2 – May 28, 2023

- Fixed error when manually importing data after exporting data from Blender without connecting (for later use or transfer between computers).
- Bone export keyframe reduction bug fix.
- Documentation URL updated -



- Small update with correct links for the new BlenderAe documentation.



- Support for exporting Bone Head and Tail Blender transformation data to Nulls in After Effects.


- Changed the Import Scale to match After Effects camera tracking scale. (For a round trip camera between blender and After Effects set Import Scale to 10).

- Updated light energy from Blender lights.

- Minor bug fixes and code improvements.


Minor bug fix and version updating.


BlenderAe has been updated! This update is recommended for all users. Please also note there is no need to unzip this file before installing as a Blender addon.


- Fixed Faces that were incorrectly exported when ‘Use Ae Comp Center’ was checked on.


BlenderAe has been updated!

This update is recommended for all users.

Please also note there is now no need to unzip this file before installing. Install as usual for Blender addons.


- ‘Install Dependencies’ added in the addon preferences. Note that BlenderAe works without the dependency installed in most situations, it simply helps BlenderAe connect to After Effects which may resolve some user issues.

- Updated to the latest aescripts license system. Aescripts online activation period is more graceful.

- Added link to online documentation. Located in the addon preferences.


- The scale factor has been modified for importing data from After Effects. Now both the ‘Export’ and ‘Import’ scales will match between Blender and After Effects.


- Apply all modifiers and transforms to objects before exporting vertices or faces.

- Leave the ‘Connect’ field blank to export the Blender data to ‘Documents>BlenderAe’. (You can import the data manually into After Effects using ‘File>Run Script File…’ and selecting the script included the ‘Documents>BlenderAe’ folder.)

- Windows Only - When exporting data from Blender the After Effects the application window resizes out of full screen. To prevent this you can use the ‘Maximize App Window’ shortcut ‘CTRL + \’ instead. This will prevent the application window from resizing.

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