Blender Pirate Ultimate Rig Bundle

by Blender Pirate in Models

All my BM rigs bundled together. All 10 items together, a 235$ value at 99.99$! A 135$ saving!

Included in this bundle:

- Assorted balls

- Cute Bunny Rig

- Shelby Deluxe Space UFO with Alien Monk

- Raptorex Maker Muscle System Rig

- Northern Cardinal Maker Rig

- Realistic & Cartoon Worm Rigs

-  Female & Male Peacock Spiders (Maratus Volans)

- Crow/Raven Maker Rig

- Horse Skeleton Fire Rig

- Realistic Eyeballs

Documentation for each rigs can be found with each separate products directly from my blender market store products.