Blender Hdri Studio

by Will in Render Setups

What is Blender HDRI Studio?

Blender HDRI studio v1.0 is perfect for your studio renders. Blender HDRI studio allows you to quickly create great renders for you or your customers. Easily create a render of your object ready to be presented to your customers in few minutes.

It is very simple to change the lighting thanks to my royalty free HDRI system.  No real knowledges of lighting is needed, just change the HDRI and see the new lighting! Save time achieving your professional quality renders! Every HDRI has a different type of lighting. Its easier to use than a classic cyclo scene and some of them have been created for specific models, like bottle, cars, etc.

How to use Blender HDRI Studio?

It is very simple to use :

  • Import your 3d model into your scene.
  • Chose a Hdri
  • Adjust you camera.
  • Adjust your background

Take a look at the demo video here!

The scene comes with:

  • The hdri studio scene
  • 20 hdri studio
  • How to use video