Blender Hard Surface Weapons Course

by StellarWorks in Training


This course will showcase how to model an LWRC SMG45 Sub-machine gun in Blender 3D. You will learn how to block in and refine basic shapes to become a very good looking weapon from scratch! In the course, the addons Boxcutter and Hard Ops are used but it is 100% not required to have in order to follow along with the course! After the modelling phase in Blender, You will be shown how to do a basic UV Unwrap and then export into Substance Painter for texturing!

Who can the course help?

Basically everyone!

This course was designed to teach hard surface modelling techniques and basic understanding of what goes into modelling a firearm accurately and very easily!

Though this is a weapon modelling course, the techniques shown in this course will help in a lot of other aspects of hard surface design and modelling.

What's in the course?

- How to design and model a weapon using reference

- Learning how to use boolean shapes to aid in the modelling phase

- Boolean clean up

- Topology cleanup and management

- Basic Blender material setup

- Substance Painter texturing

- Basic UV unwrapping

- The knowledge of some basic firearms "need to knows"

- Render setup and lighting

- Along with various other techniques, tips and tricks


In this course you will learn how to use "in blender" boolean functions as well as the use of very helpful addons like Boxcutter and Hardops. How to set up and use reference pictures to accurately model a weapon. Explains the reasons why some weapons have certain features and why they matter when designing a firearm. This course will also aid in teaching other useful hard surface modelling skills that can aid in other "non-firearm" hard surface projects.


This course will help people with weapons design and modelling and other hard surface modelling projects inside of Blender using basic boolean functions as well as using the addons Boxcutter and Hardops. It will also teach the basic use of Substance Painter.


Update on 9/1/2020

There has been an update to the product giving users the Smart Box Case I made in a tutorial on YouTube at no addition price! Link to video here! 

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