Blender To Godot 4 Pipeline Addon

by Michael Jared in Addons

Configure colliders, scripts and materials directly in Blender using this add-on!

Recent quote from a Godot developer:

Great Plugin! I was close to going crazy with the default gltf-importer... I especially love the nested collider support and automatic primitive collider generation!

Current Version: 2.1

Release Date: May 18, 2024

This addon is now in two parts.

  • The actual Blender addon (this purchase).
  • A Godot addon available from the AssetLib (called Blender-Godot Pipeline) inside the Godot editor. This contains and, which are now conveniently accessible from the addons/ folder of your project*

* Note: if the Godot Asset Library version does not match the latest version here, then just replace the and files in the addons folder with the files from this package. 

Blender has an incredible number of tools for creating models and textures. Leverage the power of Blender to do almost everything you need to for your 3D scenes in the Godot game engine.

The Basic 3D Workflow


  • Model your 3D scene in Blender
  • Using the Blender to Godot 4 Pipeline Addon, set up collisions, custom shaders, materials, NavMeshes and more inside Blender
  • Get PBR materials, animations and more into Godot simply by setting up the path and hitting "export" from the addon


  • Attach an import script (.gd file) to your GLTF file in Godot - you can easily grab this from the Godot addon, which can be found in the asset library under "Blender-Godot Pipeline"
  • Re-import the GLTF and drag it into your Scene
  • Now with hot-reload (v2.0), you no longer have to hit Make Local or unattach the script! It happens automatically.

Version Updates

  • v1.0-1.1 Set efficient box, cylinder, trimesh or simple collisions (more collision shapes to come in future updates).
  • v1.2 Use a script parameter file to pre-load a node with script parameters.
  • v1.3 Multimesh setup, with occlusion culling and dynamic instancing optimizations
  • v1.3-1.4 Add object name suffixes to your exports to simplify exporting multiple objects, other bug fixes.
  • v1.5 Major refactor, see video below! Now supports Area3D, discarding mesh, and override the Godot object name
  • v1.6 Support for navigation meshes.
  • v2.0 HOT RELOAD IS HERE! One click export from Blender auto-updates scene in Godot. Various bug fixes. Added support for multimesh, physics materials.
  • v2.1 Quality of life update. Provided a "quick access" dropdown for setting paths. It remembers recent paths you've inputted for each path type. Bug fix for script parameter files not working with nav mesh.

Feature Update Videos

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Blender Version 4.0, 3.6
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