Blender Geometry Nodes Street Road Generator

by topchannel1on1 in Modifier Setups

Do you need to create a street for your city scene in a few click,

you need to add this into your work flow,

customizable things;

  • road/street width

  • road material

  • pavement width

  • pavement type

  • pavement material

  • street chair types

  • street lights

  • street light type

  • street light height

  • street light design

  • street/bus shelters design

  • customize each element position on the street

  • street advertising

  • street advertising types

you can also add your own designs into the street generator, the way the generator works is by sampling from different collections named sidewalk, stands, tops, street chairs, street advertising, bus shelter, these are used to generate the street using the objects within the respective collections.

if any new objects are added to these collections, they will be considered to be part of the street and will be used in the street generator accordingly

Sales 10+
Published about 2 years ago
Blender Version 3.1
License GPL
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