Blender Game Engine Material Creator (Bge-Mc)

by genome36 in Addons


BGE-MC aims at simplifying the blender material creation and workflow by ridding the user of having to manually load all the required textures.  The add-on is located in the tools shelf. When choosing to add a new texture, a file path chooser appears and the image is loaded as one of the following texture maps: diffuse, normal, specular, emission, glow, reflection and ambient occlusion. The following example illustrates a simple internal mechanic: the user can choose to only select an image for the diffuse map, then only a texture node called "Diffuse" is created with the colour and alpha channels selected.

  • It automatically names the textures data nodes in the material textures list according to the files that are loaded. It then activates all the properties associated to the loaded types.
  • Each texture is mapped to UV with FLAT projection.
  • Materials generated can be used with the blender render engine or the blender game engine.

Possible add-on outcomes:

  • When the material is created, it is added to the global material list of the .blend file.
  • It can add the material to an activated object materials list.

Please follow this link to read a more in depth description of the add-on.  

Free updates !

I’m a Blender Game Engine (BGE)  artist myself, which means that I constantly add new features and improve BGE-MC for myself and the community. Once you purchase BGE-MC, you’ll be able to download every consecutive update without ever taking your wallet out again.

Sales 20+
Published over 9 years ago
Blender Version 2.7x
License GPL
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