Blender From Zero

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About This Class

If you’re brand new to 3d, or Blender, or both, this is the one for you!

This chunky foundational class is three things at once: 

  • An absolute-beginner friendly introduction to the fundamentals of 3d in Blender
  • A deep dive into the how and why of all the tools you’ll need to start working confidently in 3d.

  • A fun exercise in free, unconstrained image-making

What you'll learn:


Gain a thorough understanding of Blender’s UI

3d Navigation

How to move through 3d scenes, manipulate cameras, perspective and orthographic modes and all the shortcuts you need to work snappily.

Object Mode

How to add and transform objects in a scene.

We’ll cover the essentials of Blender’s terrific direct polygon modelling toolset.


Automatic tools which can be used to quickly and radically alter your models in a non-permanent, or non-destructive way.

Vertex Groups

Isolate parts of your models so you can apply multiple materials.


In this ten-part section we’ll break down this complex topic into its basic parts. We’ll see how to assign materials, and make metallic, transparent, and procedural or mathematically based textures, as well as take a thorough look at how to start using images as textures, and how they are applied, or mapped onto surfaces.


The interplay of light and surfaces is at the heart of making 3d images: we’ll explore HDRIs - specialised photographic images of the real world that are used to bring incredible realism to your images. We’ll also bring extra lights into the scene to precisely add accents and highlights.


This is the final process of creating a 2D image from the 3D scene you've built.

We’ll explore some of the differences between Blender’s two render engines: the blazing-fast realtime Eevee, and the movie production-level photo-real-capable Cycles.

If you’ve ever wanted to get into 3d, but have felt overwhelmed, then this step-by-step course is the perfect place to start.

Published over 1 year ago
Blender Version 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4
License Editorial
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