Blender Filterpack N°1

by robin162008 in Render Setups

This is a Filterpack, a Nodegroup which i have created to add some interesting Filters to your scene.

This Pack includes 8  different Filters.   1. C-ool Filter: This Filter turns everything into blue and increases the contrast with some additional Lines which actually looks pretty cool, that's why the Name is C-ool. 41   2. Broken Screen Filter:  This Filter makes you Picture looked like shown on a broken Screen. Because it's orientated on the brightness of the picture, the Filter variates in Videos and Pictures. 42 3. Digital Art Filter: With this Filter you can make your Picture look like shown on a Sci-Fi Spaceship screen. It creates little boxes around light spots and turns everything blue. 43 4. Golden Filter: Like king Midas this Filter turns everything to gold. All brighter Spots are getting turned into a bright, golden color, while the darker spots turn into gray. 44 5. The Dream Filter:  Would you expect that this filter turns your picture into something that looks like a dream? Maybe. This filter blurs everything a little bit and make it more bright and colorful, just like you would look at it in a dream. 45 6. Simple Contrast: Although its not just "simple", because it adds some darker lines to objects, and decreases the saturation. 46 7. Comic Filter: This Filter separates your picture in different bright areas in a different shade of grey, the Areas are separated as well with brighter lines. 47 8. Old Filter: This is a little bit strange filter. Depending on the adjustments it can look like an old photo or like an old photo of a Comic or so. Well its up to you to decide how to use it. 48 9. Another thing which isn't a Filter: Is just a little tool i used to show the changes from the original picture to the other filters. It just makes a Box-Mask look more attractive in this way 49   Hope you like my Filter-Pack. If you got hints for improvements just tell me. ^^




Sales 10+
Published almost 9 years ago
Blender Version 2.7x
Render Engine Used Blender Internal, Cycles
License Creative Commons
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