Blender Edge Groups Addon

by Michael Jared in Addons

The addon is organized into panels (each dark region):

Edge Groups Panel:

In this panel you can add new edge groups, remove edge groups and rename the edge groups in the list.

By selecting the edge group in the list, that edge group becomes "active".

Here are the other actions take effect when an edge group is active:

  • Select Edges in Group
  • Apply Edge Weight
  • Set Edge Values
  • Toggle Edge Marks
  • Clear Edge Marks

Any of these actions can be done in Object or Edit mode.

Selection Panel:

Select the Edges in the active edge group, and add or remove selected edges. If "Clear Selection First" is checked, then each edge group will be selected independently. Otherwise, the edge group selections will compound.

Edge Weight Panel:

Apply edge weights to an edge group. Note that applying the weight to a group doesn't necessarily change bevel weights or crease alues.

Set Edge Values Panel:

Set Bevel Weights and/or Crease Values based on the edge group weight value.

If "Apply Edge Weight First" is checked, then you don't need to press the "Apply Edge Weight" button - that happens automatically, saving you a button click.

Seam Panel:

Use this panel to toggle sharps or seams on the active edge group. "Clear Edge Marks" will remove sharps or seams, if they are selected.

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Published 7 months ago
Blender Version 4.0, 3.6
License Mit
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