Blender Car Design Course - Mercedes Benz

by AmJViz in Training

Welcome to the Blender car modeling course which work on lovely and nostalgic Mercedes-Benz 190 E!
As you know, polygon modeling is the fastest way to illustrate the 2D design (concept) to 3D design nowadays. 
Blender is fast and user friendly with amazing tools and FREE that make us boost our speed in 3D design ( without paying like thousands of dollars to use other software!!! ). I used this lovely , free and open source software in this course to model a Mercedes-Benz 190 E ( tuned version ) 

  • First question, who need this course?

If you are looking for a way to learn hardsurface modeling in blender from beginner to advanced , in field of automotive industry, with unlimited support at discord server + free updates and discount for more car design course , I strongly recommend you to join

Meanwhile, I considered 2 free sessions for intro to blender , ( for those who are new to blender world )

  • Second, what's inside this course?

From blueprint setup, base mesh modeling and all body exterior parts to materializing and studio lighting and render , all in 9 sessions and about 6 hours.

  • Third, how do your students get support?

Once you purchase this course, you will send your receipt to tutor email, then he add you to his server, don't hesitate to ask any question about this course