Blender Bush Generator (Geometry Node)

by mgh3d in Modifier Setups

The Bush Generator Tool is a versatile tool developed using Blender Geometry Nodes. It transforms a mesh into a realistic bush by allowing users to define various parameters and customize the appearance of the bush.

### Parameters Defined:
1. Scale of Leaves:
   - Allows users to adjust the size of the leaves on the bush.
2. Stalk Radius and Length:
   - Defines the radius and length of the stalks supporting the leaves.
3. Randomness of Leaves:
   - Introduces randomness to the placement and size of leaves on the bush.
4. Density of Bush:
   - Controls the density of leaves on the bush, affecting its overall fullness.
5. Number of Leaves per Stalk:
   - Specifies the number of leaves attached to each stalk.
6. XY Random Rotation of Stalks:
   - Adds random rotation along the XY-plane to individual stalks.
7. Z Random Rotation of Stalks:
   - Applies random rotation along the Z-axis to individual stalks.
8. Overall Seed:
   - Sets the seed for randomization, allowing users to reproduce specific bush configurations.
9. Stalk Segments:
   - Defines the number of segments that make up each stalk, influencing its smoothness.

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Published 3 months ago
Blender Version 4.0
License GPL
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