Blender Auto Terrainer

by UnicornHunter CG in Modifier Setups

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  • angela marchesani
    4 months ago

    Review Update 2.7.24Hello there! I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling well, and I truly hope you'll be feeling better soon. I appreciate you taking the time to explain and I apologize for not reading your two notes carefully. I hope to see updated videos soon. Additionally, I look forward to seeing more of your plugins/nodes too.Thank you so muchBest regards

    • Samuel Francis

      4 months ago

      Hello Angela, the preview images are rendered at the highest quality using cycles, with all settings maxed out. This makes the ground look much better thanks to cycles shader displacement. The demo file on the other hand has most parameters turned down and the grass instancers are disabled by default so as to not lag the PC of anyone opening up the file for the first time, yoh can simply turn them on one by one in the modifier panel below the Auto Terrainer setup, I've set it up in a modular way outside of the Terrainer node group for easy use. I sincerely apologize for the lack of documentation as this would've been clearly addressed through that but I'm afraid my condition isn't getting any better, I've been hospitalized since December last year and I barely managed to get this add-on out in time. I will be updating the page with a written and visual documentation for the Terrainer with a free support system once I'm free from the hospital. Thank you for the patience and your purchase, I would highly encourage you to change/remove your rating as it's the first one and with it being negative will affect the reach of the product.

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