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Looking to perfect your animation skills? Our Blender course is designed for motivated students with a beginner's understanding of Blender animation. Led by pro animator Wayne Dixon, the Animation Bootcamp is the perfect next step to becoming a first-class animator. Start your journey today!

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We recommend that you take the Fundamentals of Animation course before taking this one. 

What You'll Learn

Through focused lessons and 12 exercises, this course fleshes out key animation principles 

Timing and Spacing

Timing and spacing are what separate good animation from great animation. timing is how long it takes for something to move. Spacing is how it gets there.

Squash and Stretch

Showing the change of shape through squash and stretch can add a lot of appeal and life to any action.

Walking the Walk

Once you've practiced each of the principles, you will learn to put them all together and create some entertaining walk cycles.

Plus much more!

Our goal is for you to understand the foundation for crafting compelling animation; that everything complex is the collection of its simple parts. For example, how all motion can be understood in the context of a bouncing ball.

Updated Characters to work with: The Vonnbots!

Our 3 Vonnbot characters have been updated with new features. They are rigged and ready for animation. By gradually layering the simple principles of animation together in a way that’s easy to understand, you’ll learn to breathe life into them just like a professional.


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