Blender 4 Fbx(S) Batch Exporter And Scene Management System

by Luke Adwick in Addons

  • Install Blender Addon by going to the top menu: Edit -> Preferences -> Install -> select the file.
  • Enable the Plugin with the tickbox, See the 3D view side bar. 
  • Plugin is visible in Object Mode. 


To export, objects must be parented to an Empty plain axes. there are buttons to create Empty plain axes for you.
Multiple Empties can exist in one scene.

Blender Batch FBX Exporter Add-on

Export Selected Objects: Export selected objects to FBX(s).
Export All Objects: Export all suitable objects to FBX(s).
Make Pivot at last Origin: Create a pivot point at the origin of Last selected objects.
Make Pivot at group and Z=0: Create a pivot point at the center of the group or object and move to z =0
Create Pivot at Cursor: Create a pivot point at the 3D cursor position from selected objects. 
Prefix Box: Force Apply a prefix on all Exporting FBX(s) and pivot creation.
Pivot Object Size: Sets a custom size when making pivots / Empties.

Blender Object Alignment Add-on

Pivot Alignment:
X or Y: Align all or selected 'EMPTY' objects along the X-axis.
Align Along Z: Align all or selected 'EMPTY' objects to a specific Z position.
Snap to Grid: Option to snap objects to the nearest grid points.
Custom Gap Size: Set a custom gap size between aligned objects.
Align Only Selected: Option to align only selected objects or all suitable objects in the scene.

Blender Pivot Repositioning Add-on

Edit: Enable Pivot Repositioning - Temporarily unparent children while keeping transformations.
Save: Save Pivot Repositioning and Reparent children back to the pivot using 'Keep Transformation'.
Recreate Deleted Pivots: Recreate deleted 'EMPTY' objects with unsaved pivots.
Find Unsaved Pivots: Select all 'EMPTY' objects with unsaved pivots.

Blender Extras Add-on

Open Explorer Location: Open the current Blender file's location in Windows Explorer.
Collections | Create / rename: Collection Management: Create collections from selected objects and rename them based on the top root "Empty".
Suffix Options: Apply suffixes to selected object names.
Move selected pivots to grid: Snap selected pivots to grid points.
Remove empty pivots: Clean up empty pivot objects.

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Blender Version 4.1, 4.0
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