Blender 3 Isometric Moonlit Telescope Room Design - Blender Project & Download Pack

by 3D Tudor in Models

In 2019, Neil Bettison founded 3D Tudor out of his passion for 3D modeling, which he wanted to share with others. He is a professional prop and environment artist.

Neil is a successful instructor with over 200,000 students Worldwide. His courses are among the highest-rated for 3D modeling on most platforms, with reviewer ratings at 4.7 or above. This includes a few bestseller courses.

Neil's courses are aimed at 3D modelers of all levels, with a great number of new tips and tricks for each learner. Each course is different, with most common themes including medieval England Tudor game assets and buildings, or sci-fi scenes and weapons. Neil's instructor style makes him stand out because of his to-the-point instructions and clear guidance. He is one of a few instructors to use live on-screen tooltips throughout his lessons, helping learners to follow along, without the need to go back and revisit previous shortcuts. This enables absolute beginners and mid-range learners to learn alongside one another, with nothing holding them back, and at different paces, chosen by each student.