Blender - The Ultimate Guide - Volume 1

by Blender High School in Training

Maybe Blender is the most complete software in computer graphics.

It seemed impossible can realize a real encyclopedia with all topics and and contents, but we did it!

BLENDER - THE ULTIMATE GUIDE is divided in 5 books + annual upgrades, in which all the topics, any tool, every menu and every parameter are deeply explained and impemented by hundreds of images and pratical examples.

Also, we guarantee a constant annual upgrade, following the continuous releases of the software. This way, the ULTIMATE GUIDE remains in step.

MAIN TOPICS OF THIS 1st BOOK:  Configuration and Customization, U.I. and Tools, Placing Objects, Working Ambients and Display Methods, Transformers and Edit Tools, Modifiers: Generate and Deform.

4 colors, 472 pages, 536 pictures, 18 exercises!